Sydney Singles Take The Search for Love to New Heights as They Conquer Nerves and Meet Their Match

Today, 14 February 2017, under the guidance of dating site eHarmony, five couples put on a brave face to fight first date nerves, at the same time as conquering the Sydney Harbour Bridge, climbing to its summit for Valentine’s Day.

The single climbers, who were matched according to their dating site profiles, not only got to enjoy one of the most spectacular views in Sydney but were also serenaded as they reached the top by stars Aladdin and Jasmine from the Disney’s hit Broadway musical, played by Ainsley Melham and Hiba Elchikhe.

The singles looking for romance and adventure met their date for the first time to take part in a Bucket List activity, taking them 134 metres above the sparkling harbour to enjoy a “A Whole New World” from “way up here”.

Melinda Heffernan, 31 year old from Bondi, said: “Watching the sunrise over the Harbour from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, is a first date I will never forget. The adrenaline of the climb made my first date experience so less nerve racking and based on first impressions there’s definitely potential for a second date, maybe this time on the ground.”

BridgeClimb and eHarmony came together sharing a common vision, creating romantic connections and seeing Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to spark long lasting love, as well as celebrate it in a romantic yet adventurous setting.

Over a third of Aussie singles (34%) admit they harbour a secret crush, yet 81 percent of singles say they are either too anxious or terrified to ask that person out. The recent research commissioned by eHarmony suggests nerves play a big part in determining if a hopeful will be brave enough to ask their secret crush out on a first date.

Jacqui Manning, eHarmony psychologist and relationships expert, said, “A thrill-seeking date like climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge bonds strangers together in a way a more subdued date does not. These kinds of dates not only release adrenaline, but they also flood the brain with powerful neurotransmitters such as dopamine—the stuff that’s released when you fall in love. Together with the first date nerves, you’ll associate the incredible rush with each other, forging a strong connection and creating an awesome memory.”

BridgeClimb has seen more than 5,000 proposals and 28 weddings at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Climb Leader Tracy who guided the Valentines up the iconic arches, sharing historical and contemporary commentary about the city and its surrounds, said: “We definitely saw some chemistry amongst the Climbers today and who knows, maybe next Valentine’s Day we’ll welcome one of these couples back on the Bridge for a proposal or even a wedding on the summit.”

BridgeClimb runs Dawn Climbs on the first and third Saturday of every month, and daily during peak period.


A range of Climbs and Gift Certificates, are available, perfect for first dates, engagement proposals, special occasions and family adventures. For more information, please visit or call (02) 8274 7777.