Picture Perfect China’s 2.1k Climbers Smash BridgeClimb Record

From 13th to 16th July 2013, more than 2,100 Chinese distributors, from direct selling company Perfect China, will climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, becoming the largest corporate group booking BridgeClimb has hosted.

This record breaking climb, which more than triples the previous record, means that BridgeClimb must operate under a “Super Capacity Model” able to cater for and develop unique elements for very large incentive and conference groups. Due to their group size and the importance of their visit to Australia, Perfect China has been granted exclusive access on the bridge for a period over the four days.

Perfect China President, Mr Woo Swee Lian, said, “We are here to experience the best of Sydney and BridgeClimb is the perfect way to see the beauty of Australia’s biggest city in a short space of time. So many from our group have always dreamed of taking part in the BridgeClimb challenge and we are sure to build some unforgettable memories.”

The magnitude of the booking is a reflection of the growing Chinese market in Australia, which has led to the January launch of BridgeClimb’s newest climb; The Mandarin Climb. Featuring local Mandarin speaking guides, this new experience has contributed to the 30 per cent growth in Chinese climbers seen in the last year.

Australia is a key holiday destination for Chinese visitors, with over 600,000 here last year BridgeClimb is investing more heavily in attracting more Chinese corporate incentive groups. We are committed to enhancing every climber’s experience, so when the opportunity presented itself to host 2,100 people, we rose to the challenge.

The Perfect China climbers will take part in The Mandarin Climb, safely traveling through the heart of the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s massive structure before ascending to the very top of the Bridge. At the summit, climbers are rewarded with spectacular 360 degree views of the city and one of the most beautiful harbours in the world.

BridgeClimb offers truly memorable experiences, perfect for team incentives, team building events, staff rewards and client entertaining. For more information on corporate climbs, please visit www.bridgeclimb.com/corporate or call (02) 8274 7775, ext 3.