Vivid Climbers light up Sydney Harbour Bridge

120 Climbers on top of the Harbour Bridge turn it on for the opening night of Vivid Sydney

Tonight, in a premiere event that was part of the opening night of Vivid Sydney, 120 people lined the eastern arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and illuminated themselves in unison with the lighting of the sails on the Sydney Opera House.

This spectacular display started at 6pm with the illumination of the BridgeClimb Sydney Climbers dotted down the eastern arch of the Bridge, 134 metres above sea level. Then the whole city came alight as the Opera House sails were deluged beneath an interpretative digital show of movement and cool animation, and more than 60 art installations from Walsh Bay to The Rocks, Circular Quay and the Museum of Contemporary Art were floodlit in a domino-like effect across the night sky.

It was a memorable opportunity for the huge number of spectators to see Sydney in a different light – in many different lights. “The city looks so incredible from up here. The lighting and colours are just breathtaking”, said one climber. And another said, “I feel so special to be part of this. I will never forget this moment for as long as I live.”

This unique location provided the perfect vantage point to witness the brilliant display of colour, movement and digital designs. The position on the Sydney Harbour Bridge allowed the climbers to experience the feeling of being part of a startling interactive lightshow as the lights came alive across the city. It truly was a night without darkness.