World First Wedding on the Summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

At 8.30am on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 Stephen Tierney and Claire Tullan, from the UK, became the first official couple to hold their wedding ceremony with BridgeClimb on the summit of the Sydney
Harbour Bridge!

Dressed in BridgeClimb’s BridgeSuits, Stephen (27) and Claire (28) shared wedding vows and safely exchanged rings using BridgeClimb’s secure ring device, 134 metres above Sydney’s harbour.
“I have always dreamt of having my wedding on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The views from the summit of the bridge were unforgettable,” said Claire.

Stephen and Claire flew from Glasgow, Scotland to make their dream of being married on Australia’s icon a reality.

“The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the perfect location for a wedding. It is a day I will never forget,”said Stephen.

The groom’s sister, her boyfriend, and the groom’s cousin flew to Sydney to surprise the couple.

“I couldn’t believe my sister, Maggie, was standing on the top of the bridge with her boyfriend and my cousin, Elenor. Sharing this occasion with them has made today even more memorable for Claire
and I,” said Stephen.

The newlyweds signed their certificates of marriage and spent their wedding night at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney, the city’s leading five-star deluxe hotel.

The couple will continue to enjoy their honeymoon in Australia before returning to Scotland where they will celebrate their union with family and friends.
BridgeClimb will soon offer Wedding Climbs to all couples who wish to hold their wedding on the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.