Beverly Hills Girls High School Live Their Motto this International Women's Day

Ten students from Beverly Hills Girls High School arrived at BridgeClimb this morning to celebrate International Women’s Day in the most unique way possible, by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The girls were filled with anticipation, nerves and excitement as they geared-up to complete the ultimate challenge, proving that women can do anything.

The Beverly Hills Girls High School, located in Sydney’s south west, live by the motto “women can do anything” and they teach the notion that women can rise to any heights. Climbing the Bridge proved to be a fitting symbol to practice what they preach, as they led by example to their fellow classmates.

The girls aged between 15 and 18 proudly shouted, “Happy International Women’s Day!” as they stood loud and proud atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The group were a representation of their culturally diverse heritage, with their origins representing Indigenous Australia, China, Lebanon, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sierra Leone, Greece, Vietnam, and Italy.

“We climbed the Bridge in harmony with our culturally diverse student body…it was challenging and exhilarating, but together we reached great heights on the Bridge,” said Senior Representative Counsellor, Helen Antoniadis.

Each girl embodied their own motivation and challenges during the Climb, with some overcoming their fear of heights whilst others basked in the beauty of their surroundings and celebrated the notion of what this day represents.

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