360 Simultaneous Climbers Set New Record on Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was decorated with a record breaking 360 Climbers holding flags along the eastern arch of the famous “Coathanger”.

The new record attempt was facilitated by BridgeClimb and Heart Chorus Association International (HCAI), a Canadian based not-for-profit organization for the personal growth of students globally.

Participants climbed almost 1,000 steps towards the summit, 134 metres above the sparkling harbour, to take the record and enjoy uninterrupted views of Sydney Harbour and its surrounds.

There, each Climber unraveled a flag, safely attached and wrapped around their wrists, depicting the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, to which they had dedicated their Climb.

Eva Wong, HCAI founder, said “We’re exhilarated to be standing on top of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge taking in the magnificent view of our host country and celebrating this amazing accomplishment.

“Not only do we stand here, on top of the world, as the new record-holding group of 360 climbers, but also we are flying flags representing United Nation’s key Sustainable Development Goals, which are key to our international development initiatives.”

What does 360 Climbers on the Sydney Harbour Bridge look like? Check it out!

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