60 Seconds with Climb Leader Craig

Climb Leader Craig has been climbing the Bridge for seven years and he's tallied up over 1700 Climbs. Here’s a sneak peak of some of his favourite Bridge experiences and memories:

How long have you worked at BridgeClimb for? How many Climbs have you done?

I’ve worked at BridgeClimb for seven years, and I reckon I've climbed the bridge about 1700 times.

What keeps you climbing?

There are so many reasons as to why I keep climbing… Meeting new people from around the world, having the privilege to show off our Bridge and city, and bearing witness to amazing weather and special events, are just some of those reasons.

What is one of your favourite memories on the Bridge?

Two memories come to mind immediately – 1. Hearing the Sydney Symphony Orchestra play at the top of the bridge was mind blowing 2. ANZAC Day Dawn Service. Watching the sunrise as the Last Post was played at the summit.

Does one particular Climb stand out for you?

Being a sports fan, climbing the bridge on the eve of the State of Origin series last year, and allowing our climbers to interact with past Origin legends was awesome!

What is your favourite “Bridge Story” to tell your Climb group?

I always enjoy telling the story of how the arch was finally joined in 1930. To think that these men did this with none of today’s technology is incredible!

What is some of the feedback you get from Climbers when they reach the summit?

Some of the best feedback I get is when the climbers are literally lost for words. Mouth agape, wide-eyed and just soaking it all in.

Why do you think climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge has become a bucket list favourite?

It gives people the chance to literally walk on history, to be one with it - To touch it, feel it, and walk the footsteps of those brave men that built it.

Have you ever taken up any celebs? What can you tell us from that Climb?

I have… One of my favourites was Chris Tucker from the ‘Rush Hour’ movies with Jackie Chan. We literally laughed the entire way around the bridge.

What’s one thing your Climbers don’t know about you?

They wouldn’t know that I once played Rugby League professionally – Many, many years ago!