60 Seconds with Climb Leader Neece

Since February 2015, Climb Leader Neece has tallied up over 150 Climbs. Here’s a sneak peak of some of her favourite Bridge experiences and memories:

What keeps you climbing?

Every time that I head onto the arch it’s a different experience to the last.  Like the way the clouds shift and change through the sky in the space of one Climb, or an event happening in the Harbour, or a Climber in my group who shares a fantastic fact or joke. Often it's the small details that makes every Climb unique.

What is one of your favourite memories on the Bridge?

Australia Day 2015 would be one of my fondest BridgeClimb memories. I was at the summit of the arch with my group as the annual Sydney Festival Ferrython passed beneath us. The Harbour was full of boats, people and music. Next minute I heard yells of delight from my Climbers as they had spotted fighter jets heading directly towards us from Sydney Heads. The sound of the flyover was deafening and incredible!

Does one particular Climb stand out for you?

A couple of months ago we had some wild weather around Sydney. We are an all-weather activity, and the group that I met that Sunday morning were ready and raring to go. We decked everyone out in rain pants and jackets and headed on out to start what was going to be an adventurous Climb. Through the wind and rain we climbed the arch, reaching the summit like we were arriving at the top of Mount Everest. The high fives were unending. The group were energetic, enthusiastic and hilarious; I hadn’t laughed so much on a Climb in a while. It’s definitely one that sticks out for me.

What is your favourite “Bridge Story” to tell your Climb group?

I can’t go past the story of Vincent Kelly, the worker who fell from the arch during construction and miraculously survived to tell his tale. In true reflection of the ethos of the Bridge’s builders, he was back at work soon after the incident. Without blokes like this to build the Bridge, Sydney would be a city divided by the Harbour and we’d be missing one awesome icon from our postcards.

What is some of the feedback you get from Climbers when they reach the summit?

One of the best things about arriving at the summit is the sense of achievement recognised by so many Climbers. You’ve climbed quite a few steps by this point, and now you’re at the top of the Bridge with the Harbour and stunning city spread out all around you. Sometimes I find groups who like to take a minute to quietly soak in what they’ve accomplished. Others cheer their heads off!

Why do you think climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge has become a bucket list favourite?

Climbing the Bridge really is an experience you’ll remember for a long time to come. Whatever day you come to climb it’ll be unique; there will never be a day exactly like it again. Whoever you share it with, climbing the Bridge is a great way to see Sydney and learn about one of our icons. As you Climb, notice the details, ask your Climb Leader all the questions you like, and take in a big deep breathe at the top and appreciate where you are and how you got there.

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