A Force To Be Reckoned With: NSW Police Celebrate A Century of Women In Policing

This year, women in the NSW Police Force are celebrating 100 years of service and today we were honoured to mark this important milestone by hosting 24 special guests at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The esteemed group of police officers, including Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn, made the journey to the summit of Sydney’s iconic ‘coathanger’ on a spectacular winter’s day. As they climbed, they were able to reflect on the incredible history and achievements of women in the Force since Lillian Armfield and Maude Rhodes were sworn in as the first Probationary Special Constables in 1915. The NSW Police Force is now represented by more than 7,000 women, including 4,500 sworn in officers.

As part of the celebrations, a special relay baton has made its way around NSW – including to the top of the Bridge - in a series of relay races. The baton symbolises the determination, strength and commitment of all those who worked to make women in policing a reality.

The official centenary celebrations were launched on March 8, to coincide with International Women’s Day, and have included the state baton relay and regional roadshow, a conference, and a parade.

We were lucky to have Sunrise join in this morning's celebrations. You can watch their interview here.