A Mahjong battle 134m above the harbour

Today, in a premiere event, a game of Mahjong took place on the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The players, Pauline Heng, Tony Liu, Winnie Kiu and Jak Heng, scaled to the summit of the Bridge, 134 metres above sea level, and tested each other’s skills in this sport which combines strategy, skill and luck.

The players come from very different backgrounds, but all have a passion for Mahjong. Meet the players:

• Winnie Kiu is a dental nurse
• Tony is the proprietor of Jade Express Travel
• Pauline is a business migration agent and an organiser of Mahjong tournaments
• Jak is a lawyer. Jak first learned to play Mahjong when he was an eight year old on a trip down the Yangtze River. He spent many hours watching the Chinese onboard playing the game. Not speaking Chinese, he had to learn how to play by studying their actions over the three day cruise. They thought he was a very strange Chinese kid, only able to speak English!