A top-level networking event

On Wednesday 13th September 2017 the Australian British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) hosted several of its key members on a climb to scale the famous arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Setting out to find an activity which would provide a top-level experience, the Chamber turned to BridgeClimb.

ABCC Chief Executive Office David McCredie was thrilled with the experience: “At the ABCC, we are extremely lucky to be able to see our Principal Sponsors and Corporate Members at the regular business functions we hold throughout the year. However, it’s not often you can catch-up with them at the top of one of Sydney’s world famous landmarks!”

The Journey

The group took part in the BridgeClimb Express which takes climbers through the heart of the Bridge, a cathedral of steel, with an accelerated ascent to the Summit – the fastest way to the top!

 “A group of 12 of us were shown the ropes in the BridgeClimb centre before being led up the arch of the bridge. Despite the high winds, we were able to talk easily, as well as listen to the fascinating insights on the bridge from our guide. Even those who were concerned by heights were soon too distracted by the views.” Mr McCredie said.

He continued “The panorama from the top was truly breath-taking. No-one could hide their excitement at being, what felt like, on top of the world.”

After enjoying the view and taking in the sights of Sydney, the group then gathered for a team photo before descending back to the BridgeClimb Base; with the experience taking 2.25 hours in total. The Climb was then followed by a networking event with drinks and canapes in the BridgeClimb Visitor Centre.

“Once we had descended the bridge, the whole team couldn’t wait to share their experiences over a drink together. It was a truly memorable day and most unique way of entertaining our key Sponsors and Members.” 

Quick Facts:

Name of event: Australian British Chamber of Commerce CEO Climb

Type: Networking and relationship building

Venue: BridgeClimb Sydney

Attendees: 12 pax

Date: 13 Sept 2017

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