Corporate Climb Case Study: ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide delivers electronic banking and payment solutions for more than 5000 financial institutions, retailers, billers and processors around the world.

As part of ACI’s 40th birthday celebration, Sydney played host to the annual “All Employee Meeting", which saw ACI staff from across the globe come to Sydney. As per company tradition, the hosting country was tasked to present a birthday gift to the CEO.

Staff from ACI’s Sydney office contacted BridgeClimb for our assistance in creating a truly unique birthday gift. BridgeClimb’s dedicated Business Development Manager servicing the Corporate market, designed an offer of 3 exclusive climbs for the 32 Sydney staff. Additionally, a camera crew of 4 pax was included to film the group's Climb, with the footage packaged and edited into a surprise, and uniquely ‘Sydney’, video gift.
“The Climb went brilliantly – thank you so much for all your assistance and perseverance while we lined everything up.” - Geraldine Thirlwell, ACI

ACI Sydney staff remarked how the experience was a great team bonding activity and would like to complete it again in the future. Results from their feedback forms at the end of the Climb were as follows:

• 96% rated the overall experience: Very Good to Excellent
• 90% rated the Climb: Very Good to Excellent
• 100% rated our Climb Leaders (Knowledge, Attitude, Helpfulness): Very Good to Excellent
• 100% said it met expectations
• 100% would recommend BridgeClimb

Footage from their climb was shown at the company wide “All Employee Meeting” and the CEO was also gifted an enlarged photo of the group at the summit.

The ACI Climb showcases how we can adapt the traditional Climb experience into a unique offering for Corporates and ensure that we can provide a "Win-Win" outcome for all companies involved.

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