Behind The Scenes: Mardi Gras Climb 2016

Dust off your party shoes and break out your blue eye shadow – due to popular demand the Mardi Gras fun is coming back to the highest stage in town.

We celebrated this spectacular news by inviting six fabulous drag queen friends of ours to splash a bit of colour over the grey arches of Sydney’s beloved ‘Coathanger’, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Step by step, our rainbow ascenders gasped and pointed at the views in between pausing to pose for shots with our photographer who helped us capture these unforgettably vibrant moments.

A mix of first-time Climbers and BridgeMasters, Marilyn M, Kandie Kardashian, Annie Mation, Felicity Frockachino, Krystal Kleer, and Summer Salt burst up the final stairs to hit the summit of the Bridge in all their colourful-caped glory!


The Mardi Gras Climb will be cutting shapes to the summit from 25 February to 9 March 2016. A 3 ½ hour experience available during the day, twilight or at night; be sure to plan this special event into your festival itinerary. It’s only in Sydney, only for Mardi Gras!