BridgeClimb Vs. BridgeClimb Insider

Choosing your journey for the Climb Of Your Life can be a big decision. Which Climb should you do? What’s the best time of day to do it? What’s the best time of year to do it? There are lots of different alternatives to choose from, and if it’s your first time scaling the icon, it can be a little overwhelming deciding which Climb is right for you.

If you’ve already decided that you definitely want to go right to the summit, you must be tossing up in your mind as to whether you should undertake BridgeClimb, our original 3.5 hour experience; or BridgeClimb Insider, our 2.25 hour return trip to the top.

It’s really fun planning your Climb, but we’d like to help make this decision easy for you. Here we break down the difference in the two Climbs:


After you complete your Climb prep (which is 20 minutes faster if you opt for BridgeClimb Insider), your Climb Leader will guide you to the tunnel to commence your Climb. Every single Climb starts here and it’s a really cool introduction to the Bridge:

In this early part of the journey, both Climbs follow the same route along the underbelly of the Bridge. You’ll be just above the tree tops, but below the road deck, as you travel along catwalks until you reach the South East Pylon.


This is where the two journeys really start to take on an experience of their own. If you’re on BridgeClimb, you will take four ladders to the top arch. You’ll feel the hum and buzz of the traffic as you ascend the ladders – it’s quite exhilarating!

After you reach the top arch by these ladders, you will commence your ascent along the top arch. Step by step you’ll have the opportunity to really soak up the huge view as your Climb Leader entertains you with facts, figures … and a few jokes.

On BridgeClimb Insider you’re be right in the steely heart of the icon. Step by step you’ll ascend along the lower arch of the Bridge which will enable you to really enjoy the beauty in the construction of the Bridge whilst taking in the spectacular views as well.


After all those stairs, reaching the very top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is your moment! You’ll be standing at top of one of Australia’s most recognisable structures taking in the famous Sydney surrounds – on a clear day you can see as far east as Sydney Heads and as far west as the Blue Mountains.

If you’re on BridgeClimb, you will reach the summit via the upper arch. You will have the opportunity to pause, take it all in, and also flash your pearly whites with your group for your Climb Group photo (this is the one you receive as part of your ticket).

If you’re on BridgeClimb Insider, you’ll reach the top of the Bridge via one final staircase that connects the lower arch to the upper arch. As you’re taking these last few steps up, be sure to stop, turn around and take in this special view. It’ll really take your breath away.


After reaching the pinnacle of the Bridge, you’ll commence your descent on the Darling Harbour side of the Bridge. If you’re on BridgeClimb, you’ll get to take in sweeping views of the city’s skyline as your Climb Leader entertains you with more Bridge stories:

If you’re returning to Base on BridgeClimb Insider, you’ll descend to the western lower arch via another staircase so that you are once again in the heart of the Bridge:




The length of time: BridgeClimb is a longer experience totally 3.5 hours. BridgeClimb Insider is our fastest trip to the top, taking 2.25 hours round trip.

·        The journey: BridgeClimb takes the top arch to the summit – the only thing between the steel and the sky will be you. BridgeClimb Insider takes the inner arch to the top giving you the opportunity to climb through the heart of the Bridge for some really unique views within the Coathanger.

·        Times of day: BridgeClimb is available at dawn once a month, and daily during the day, twilight or night. BridgeClimb Insider is available daily during the day, and at twilight and night on weekends.

·        The number of steps: BridgeClimb is about 1,332 steps, and BridgeClimb Insider is around 1,002 steps.

·        Fitness levels required: Climbing the Harbour Bridge is equivalent to playing 9 holes of golf. Note that BridgeClimb Insider is a fast experience with less stops; if you’d like to have more opportunity to stop as you ascend we recommend you take on BridgeClimb.
·        The destination: both Climbs peak at the summit.

·        The price: Prices are scaled by time of day, so the cost for a BridgeClimb or BridgeClimb Insider during the day, for example, is the same.

·        Your Climb group: Both Climbs have a maximum of 14 people per group led by one of our Climb Leaders.

·        Your ticket inclusions: Both Climbs include a BridgeClimb cap, a Certificate of Achievement, Climb Group Photo, and a free pass to The Pylon Lookout.









Read more about BridgeClimb or BridgeClimb Insider as you decide on which Climb experience is the one for you.

Happy Climb planning!