Can you hear the children sing? Music Count Us In hits the top of the Harbour Bridge

Today, more than half a million school kids from all around the country sang the same song at the same time as part of Australia’s biggest music gig, Music Count Us In. And what a big day it was!

We were lucky enough to have 12 kids join us at the top of the Bridge for this unique sing-along, which celebrates the important role music plays in a child’s development. We had six students from the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children’s Thomas Pattison School and six students from several state schools around Sydney, all ready to sign and sing their hearts out 134 metres above the harbour.

The kids were bursting with enthusiasm from the moment they arrived, and before long were making the journey along the famous steel arches under a picture-perfect blue sky. Of course, there was plenty of excited practising along the way!

Once they reached the summit, everyone quickly took their places and eagerly awaited their cue. 1,2,3…showtime!


Music Count Us In Atop The Sydney Harbour BridgeToday, 12 school children joined half a million others across Australia for a rendition of Music Count Us In's “Gold”. WATCH >>

Posted by BridgeClimb Sydney on Wednesday, 28 October 2015

This year’s song Gold was written by four students from across Australia with help from music mentors, Australian icon Marcia Hines and John Foreman OAM. 2,116 schools and more than 3,500 teachers watched the event live online. You can view the performance here.

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