Case Study: NU SKIN Greater China breaks BridgeClimb record books in one corporate booking

Type: International Corporate Incentive Climb
Venue: Sydney Harbour Bridge
Attendees: 4,000
Days: 5 days


In April 2016 NU SKIN Greater China climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge over a 5 day period, resulting in BridgeClimb’s latest feat for the record books as the largest corporate group booking ever to climb the Bridge.

NU SKIN Greater China brought 4,000 of their top sellers from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau through BridgeClimb’s doors. Invitations were sent out to a small handful of their 900,000 distributors across 54 markets within Asia to attend an incentive trip to Sydney. This is part of their internal honour incentive program to motivate their distributors to drive sales.

A Chinese Delegate from NU SKIN Shanghai said, “When I went home after climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I couldn’t fall asleep. I was so touched by it that I had tears in my eyes. The event made me realise the importance of having an international perspective; NU SKIN is truly an incredible company.”

The predecessor in holding the record title, Perfect China, single-handedly revolutionised the way in which the business as a whole catered for large groups. Perfect China brought 2,100 delegates to BridgeClimb in 2013, resulting in the introduction of the “Super Capacity Model” and an increased number of Mandarin speaking Climb Leaders.

The wealth of knowledge gained through Perfect China’s attendance resulted in a confident and precise delivery of service for the record-breaking corporate group.

Challenges and Outcomes

The challenge was to deliver a premium product in Mandarin and for all Climbs to remain on schedule, whilst delivering a high level of customer service.

The “Super Capacity Model” initially crafted for Perfect China’s attendance enables BridgeClimb to continuously and seamlessly manage large incentive groups.

This model shifted from the standard 14 Climbers and 1 Climb Leader, to 42 Climbers led by one principle Climb Leader and two supporting Climb Leaders. Climbs departed at 15 minute intervals utilising all three routes of BridgeClimb’s products: BridgeClimb, BridgeClimb Express and BridgeClimb Sampler. Climber radios were also adjusted to allow all 42 Climbers to listen to commentary from their Mandarin speaking Climb Leader.

“Climbing the Harbour Bridge was a great challenge and an awesome experience. There were a lot of us climbing the Bridge at the same time; it was a chance for everyone to overcome their fear,” said Taiwanese delegate, Vensen.

To ensure BridgeClimb delivered on NU SKIN’s brief to find a way to celebrate their highest achievers, large signs featuring the top sellers’ names were created in Chinese, which the delegates held in celebration at the summit and had their photo taken. Additionally, a preparation video in Chinese was played for every group in the Visitor Centre Cinema to help deliver seamless preparation. Co-branding was also incorporated on each delegate’s BridgeClimb cap and Certificate of Achievement.

Objectives and results

The objective was to deliver a premium product with unfaltering customer service to the largest group ever seen on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and to strengthen our reputation in the key target market of China.

This objective was met as Climber feedback from NU SKIN delegates expressed that they cherished their experience, with some brought to tears and others vowing to work harder for more chances to travel with the company.

When presented with the record breaking trophy by BridgeClimb, NU SKIN CEO Andrew Fan noted their delight in making history with the record breaking Climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

All were grateful to have been selected for such a grandiose company rewards trip and took stories and lifetime memories back home to China to share.

"I am feeling extremely proud and grateful to have had the opportunity to join such a grandiose trip to Sydney with the company. This is not something that I would do in my daily life. I’m very grateful for my company, which has brought all these impressive events for us," said Hong Kong delegate, Connie.

BridgeClimb played a critical part in Sydney being selected by NU SKIN as the destination for the incentive trip, which overall was estimated to inject USD$ 15 million into the Sydney economy.

Quick Facts

  • 4,000 of NU SKIN Greater China’s top sellers climber the Bridge between 12th and 15th April 2016

  • NU SKIN Greater China now holds the record for the largest corporate group booking ever to be received

  • NU SKIN Greater China were presented a trophy for their record-breaking feat

  • Co-branding was utilised in the Climb Base and on BridgeClimb Memorabilia