Celebrating Bridge Master - Geoff Schmidt

As Geoff Schmidt hangs up his climb suit, we celebrate his 92 climbs.

The experience of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge varies widely, from thrill-seekers conquering their fears to couples sharing a romantic moment and travellers gaining a unique perspective on this iconic Australian landmark. 

For Master Climber Geoff Schmidt, his first climb experience in 2010 began a journey that would become a legendary story at BridgeClimb. Over the course of 13 years, Geoff ascended the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge an astonishing 92 times! His dedication and love for the Bridge were so profound that it's no wonder he became known as our most experienced 'Bridge Master.'  He even has his own personalised BridgeClimb suit!

Geoff’s remarkable feat will be remembered as a special chapter in the history of BridgeClimb and as Geoff hangs up his climb suit, we are reminded that the Bridge will always stand tall, waiting to challenge and inspire those ready to embrace the climb!

Geoff, thank you for the incredible journey.