Cupid strikes three times for Tassie couple at the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

We all know good things come in threes, and Rebecca and Roger are no exception to this rule.

The lucky in love couple not only have starry eyes for each other but also hold a bond close to their hearts for summiting the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

In three consecutive years, the pair unintentionally completed a hat trick celebrating their love for each other at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They climbed 16th December 2015, where Roger romantically proposed to Rebecca, and again 16th December 2016 where they were married at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon.

No strangers to climbing over 1,000 steps for 360 degree iconic views of Sydney and its surrounds, Rebecca and Roger recently journeyed to the summit, this time on 16th December 2017, to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary.

“Sydney, in particular the bridge, has played a very positive and magical part in our love story. I do not know anyone like us, it's like the honeymoon period will never end. We skip down the road holding hands - surprisingly we get more smiles than strange looks. Wherever we walk we hold hands and just that makes all our worries disappear”.

Check out the “aww” worthy pics from their 1st wedding anniversary:

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