Did The Bachelor Bridge Date Set New Guinness World Record?

In case you haven’t been tuning in to Channel Ten’s reality dating show The Bachelor, we’re now into the third week of what’s sure to be another eventful season! We recently hosted Sam Wood and his date Nina on a romantic BridgeClimb, but taking in the Sydney sights was just the start of it…

Last night’s episode went to brave new heights! After missing out for the past couple of weeks, Nina finally got the chance to spend some quality time with Bachelor Sam (aka. Bachie Wood), on a date neither of them will forget in a hurry!

Sam not only surprised Nina with the news that they’d be scaling the arches of an international icon together, but there was another special surprise waiting for her at the top… On the ascent, the two bonded as they and enjoyed the panoramic views from the arches of the Bridge. The unsuspecting pair reached the summit to find host Osher ready and waiting to deliver the details of their challenge – attempting a new Guinness World Record for the longest on-screen kiss! Sam and Nina accepted without hesitation and before long they were locking lips, while people all over Australia watched with baited breath as Osher cheered them on until and they not only reached the old record, but surpassed it by 22 seconds! An adjudicator from Guinness was standing by to officially verify the marathon kiss as the new world record at 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

Can you imagine kissing for that long?! Here are a few other things that also take approximately 4 minutes to give you an appreciation of their achievement!

What else takes around 4 minutes?

A comparison to Sam and Nina’s first kiss:

1. 4 minutes: Complete a full face of makeup, according to makeup artist ‘MaskCara’
2. 4 minutes: Travel by train across the Sydney Harbour Bridge from Milsons Point to Wynyard
3. 3 minutes 59.4 seconds: Run the first ever <4 minute mile (Roger Bannister in 1954)
4. 4 minutes 28 seconds: Watch the 1952
5. 4 minutes: Complete 50 – 84 push ups (the average man)
6. 3 minutes 52 seconds: Win the first ever Melbourne Cup in 1861 (‘Archer’, ridden by John Cutts)
7. 4 minutes: Hard boil an egg

If you’re looking for somewhere truly unique to spend with someone special, we know a great place. Find out more about climbing the Bridge here.