Enboarder reaching new heights!

Enboarder, a HR technology company that focuses on creating amazing onboarding experiences for new employees by putting people before paperwork, completed a BridgeClimb in December as a team recognition activity in celebration of an amazing year!

Enboarder opted for BridgeClimb Express, this is the fastest trip to the summit of the Bridge where you walk along the inner arch. The team was surrounded by the mighty steel of the Bridge before reaching the summit for 360 degree views of Sydney.

Here, we spoke to Leanne Rosen, Customer Success Manager at Enboarder about the team’s overall experience and journey to the top.

Why did you choose BridgeClimb for your company activity?
We thought it was the perfect opportunity to do something different and special for a very dedicated team. The idea of climbing the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge was a beautiful metaphor of what we've been going through as a team. It was the celebration of our journey and the fact that Enboarder continues to reach new heights.

What did you and your team think of the experience?
It was unbelievable! You can feel the adrenaline going up while climbing this iconic structure. Walking through the bridge and seeing all the amazing angles and perspectives of the steel structure was mind-blowing. There were a couple of people really nervous about the experience but soon after embarking on their journey and looking at the gorgeous harbour view, the feeling soon changed and the feedback was great!

What was your favourite part about climbing the bridge?
There are a lot of little passageways and stairs at the beginning of the climb but there is a point where you actually feel you are right at the heart of the structure. That was very exciting because from there the view magnifies and feelings get stronger. On our way back down, the guide told us the story of nine-year-old Lennie Gwyther and how he travelled 1000 km on a four-month odyssey with his pony to be part of the bridge inauguration. Hearing these stories made the experience much more special. Also the fact that everyone was together, living the experience as a team, taking the group photo and celebrating the journey was also our favourite part.

Would you recommend BridgeClimb to other organisations?
Absolutely! We highly recommend it. A great experience for team building as it’s different and unique!


Name of event: Enboarder
Type: Team Building Activity 
Venue: BridgeClimb Sydney
Attendees:  18 PAX
Date: 10 December 2017

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