Face Your Fear: Marge brings her grandson along to challenge herself to the BridgeClimb Sampler

Are you considering challenging yourself to the BridgeClimb Sampler to face your fear of heights?  Marge recently completed the BridgeClimb Sampler as part of our Face Your Fear initiative. She shares her experience:

Super frazzled, totally enticed, and encouraged by Climb Leader Jess and my 16 year old grandson Ethan; I was set to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Ethan had my back from start to finish. From the minute we arrived my nerves started to creep in. I started to realise the challenge I had in front of me as I went through the safety briefing, changed into my suit, and belted up in our safety harnesses. And then we took our first steps onto the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Ethan said the sweetest of things to give me the strength to continue on as we traveled upwards and downwards across the steel catwalks and pathways.

I was bursting with pride, both in myself for facing my fear, and for my wonderful supportive grandson helping his Nan achieve her goal.

The fears I experienced didn't seem important any more. It was the love and support Ethan showed and expressed, constantly telling me "You can do it Nan!", "I'm right behind you" and most importantly "I love you this much" (as he extended his arms as wide as they would go) "...and to the moon and back."

What a proud old lady I was and my fear seemed so unimportant as we shared this truly special experience and I had the best aspect in the world, Sydney Harbour in the background and Ethan with extended arms - oh he is my hero!

Thank you so much BridgeClimb for the experience. It will be one I will never forget. Have I overcome my fears?... maybe! I certainly did conquer the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

If you are interested in facing your fear of heights on the BridgeClimb Sampler, get started by taking the pledge to yourself here.