A Spooktacular Halloween Climb for 7 Starlight Children

In the shadows, 134 metres above the darkened Sydney Harbour awaited three Halloween monsters ready to spook who dares pass their Bridge.

Unbeknown to the seven freshly face painted Starlight children, they were about to embark on the spookiest BridgeClimb yet.

The clouds were grey and storms were threatening, but the gloomy weather only complimented the customised ghostly Climb commentary, as the children made their way to the top for a spooktacular surprise.

Ready for a summit celebration as they reached the peak of their Climb, one last challenge stood in their way: Three monsters eagerly awaiting their arrival for a game of trick-or-treat.

The children were prompted to answer three questions from their Climb commentary, in which they were given a treat if correct, and a “dad joke” if incorrect.

Following three correct answers from their trick-or-treat game, the three Halloween monsters led the Children through a ghoulish performance of The Monster Mash.

Brendan, 11 years old from Merrylands said, “Climbing the Bridge today was amazing it was something I will never forget and the view was beautiful. You don’t get to do this every day, I’m so proud”

Thomas, 13 years old from Granville said, “The BridgeClimb was fun because we did dancing and we climbed and we got told about the history of the Bridge.”