Young Engineering Women Climb Towards Their Highest Potential For International Women’s Day

Eight young women and aspiring future leaders of the engineering Industry followed two prominent female engineering leaders to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Leading the group on their first steps towards 1002 reasons to celebrate International Women’s day was Elanor Huntington, the first female Dean of Engineering, and Julia Ratnayake, Works Manager at the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Throughout their inspirational journey up the famous steel arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the engineering students from UNSW and Sydney University learned from their BridgeClimb Climb Leader Tracy, about the history of women on the Bridge, and the engineering master-piece beneath their feet.

University of Sydney Student, Sabina said, “The highlight for me was listening to Elanor Huntington and Julie Ratnayake discuss their professional journeys as we stood at the top of the bridge.  Elanor told us that she listened to the advice of her mother who told her to "quietly take your space" which really resonated with me because we often hear that women need to be more aggressive and bold and stand up for ourselves but I think this goes against a lot of women's nature.  However, to hear that someone such as Elanor didn't necessarily have to be loud and aggressive, was very reassuring and an inspiration to me.”

Elanor said, “It’s so important to encourage the increase of young women in the engineering field and to highlight the incredible opportunities that are available to them.

“Having the chance to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge today and talk with some of the young women who will be leading the engineering field in years to come for International Women’s Day is an experience I will remember”.

Julia Manolova Ratnayake said “What better place to inspire these young women to reach their highest potential than from the summit of one of Australia’s most impressive engineering feats, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“I hope these girls will take from their journey to the top of the Bridge a reinvigorated fire to reach their highest career goals knowing what incredible things are possible for them to achieve.”

International Women's Day

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