World's First Japanese High Tea Ceremony on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

On Wednesday 1st November 2017, the world's first Japanese Tea Ceremony was held at the summit of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, 134 metres above the sparkling Harbour, in a salute to Japan’s Culture Day on 3rd November.

Julian McVittie, who has studied tea for more than 35 years, was assisted by Wendy Lin as they served traditional Matcha – powdered green tea – and traditional Japanese sweets to three lucky guests.

Wendy said, “as the Bridge is an important symbol of Australian history, and Japanese tea is an important symbol for Japan’s history; I can’t think of a more beautiful view or a more interesting place to tell this story for Japan’s Culture Day, than from the summit”.

When the group reached the summit, they sat around a table set with the traditional utensils for the Japanese High Tea Ceremony, as they enjoyed unrivaled views of the beautiful Harbour below.

Have a look at the highlights of the event in the video below:

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