Traditional lion dance welcomes The Mandarin Climb

It was a spectacular sight of east meets west on top of one of Australia’s most recognisable icons today.

Lion Dancers, a drummer and three cymbal platers, scaled to the summit of the Bridge, peaking 134 metres above sea level, where they performed the first ever Lion Dance on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

An array of colour, movement and music entertained climbers as they enjoyed the performance against the spectacular 360 degree view of Sydney and surrounds. “It was breathtaking,” said one climber.

This special event celebrated the launch of BridgeClimb’s newest climb, the Mandarin Climb, which features local Mandarin speaking guides. This climb will offer Chinese visitors, aged 10 years and over, a chance to fully participate in one of Australia’s iconic experiences.

On The Mandarin Climb, climbers will safely travel along the 2 ¼ hour express route through the heart of the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s massive structure before ascending to the very top of the Bridge, 134 metres above sea level.

The Chinese believe it is important to reach new heights each year (“膍膍高升”), and what better way to do this than by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of this year’s Chinese New Year Festivities.