Repeat ascender: Lloyd Poulton celebrates his 50th climb

Today we welcomed one of our most frequent climbers, 84 year old Lloyd Poulton, to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for his record-making 50th climb!

To mark the milestone, he was presented a BridgeClimb gift to commemorate the special day.

Since his first climb in 2001, Lloyd has had over 250 photos taken, climbed more than 65,000 steps, and walked 90 kilometres! He never tires of the experience and has many friends at BridgeClimb.

We asked Lloyd why climbing the Bridge once or twice was simply not enough:

“I can remember the Bridge opening, and I am fascinated by the engineering and
the sheer courage of the people who built it. I’m addicted to climbing the Bridge. I enjoy
interacting with the staff, and simply love being on top of one of the engineering wonders of
the world. Also, because it’s right on my doorstep, it’s a great way to get some good exercise”.

When he’s not climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you’ll find Lloyd flying planes, sailing yachts, and even bungee jumping!