Lonely Planet: The top 10 adrenaline rush experiences in the world

What are the biggest adrenaline rush experiences in the world?

According to Lonely Planet, climbing to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge sits in the top 10 along with major bucket list items such as running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain and rock climbing in Yosemite Valley, USA.

The world's leading travel authority, Lonely Planet has recognised BridgeClimb Sydney as
one of the world's top 10 'Biggest Adrenaline Rush' Experiences.

BridgeClimb was placed amongst such world renowned activities such as Pamplona’s
Running with the Bulls and Yosemite Valley’s rock climbing in the USA.

The award was listed in Lonely Planet’s  ‘1000 Ultimate Experiences’ which brings together ideas, places and activities for the avid traveller.