Our 10th birthday

To celebrate our 10th birthday, 137 Climbers each carried a flag onto the arch of the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge to represent every part of the world that climbers have
hailed from since BridgeClimb opened.

From Peru to Eritrea, more than 2.2 million Climbers from 137 different countries and territories have climbed to the summit of Australia’s icon since it opened on 1st October 1998.

“We are delighted to be celebrating BridgeClimb’s 10th Anniversary and extremely proud to be able to share this unforgettable experience with Australians and visitors from all over the world,” said BridgeClimb’s Founder and Chairman, Mr. Paul Cave.

Originally only offering a climb during the day, BridgeClimb now welcomes everyone over the age of 10 (and over 1.2m tall), in good health, and with a sense of adventure to climb to the top of the Bridge during dawn, day, twilight or night.

Nicola Futeran, a 10 year old from Bondi, carried the Australian flag to the top of the Bridge alongside 136 other flag bearers; many of whom were BridgeClimb’s team members who welcome Climbers to BridgeClimb 363 days of the year.

This colourful celebration was recognised by Guinness World Records as a world record for ‘Most different flags flown simultaneously on a Bridge' until 2010.

Image Courtesy James Morgan Photography