Price Match Terms & Conditions

We are committed to offering the best rate to our customers, that’s why we have a BridgeClimb price match guarantee policy. If you find a better price advertised on an authorised third-party website, we will match it. Terms and conditions apply: 

  1. Evidence of the price offer on an authorised third-party website must be made available to BridgeClimb and BridgeClimb must, using reasonable endeavours, be able to verify the evidence provided. 
  2. The price offer must be provided to BridgeClimb during the offer selling period and the customer must want to climb during the redemption/climbing period of the offer.
  3. The price offer must be made to the general public or the customer must qualify to be able to use the offer (e.g. if the offer is by an automobile association, then the customer needs to be a member of that association)
  4. All price offers must be in Australian dollars .
  5. There must be no other special terms and conditions attached to the price being offered and the Climb must not be included as part of a package to obtain the offer price.
  6. Where we reasonably believe an erroneous price has been displayed by a partner then we shall be entitled to contact our partner before agreeing to match the price.
  7. Price offers will only be matched if the booking is made at the time of enquiry or when a BridgeClimb representative contacts you to confirm the price match.
  8. BridgeClimb shall not price match an existing booking which is already fully or partially paid.
  9. This price match offer cannot be combined with another promotion. The customer will be able to choose which offer or promotion they would like BridgeClimb to provide.
  10. The price guarantee excludes:
    prices offered to BridgeClimb employees,
    where prices are offered on websites which do not have the capability to confirm the booking  and accept payment (for example, websites that link through to a third party's website/meta-search engines),
    where prices are discounted by means other than money (for example, use of coupons or promo codes).
  11. BridgeClimb reserves the right to modify or terminate this price guarantee and its terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.
  12. An eligible third-party website is a website where the owner of the website is a contracted partner of BridgeClimb or a contracted affiliate of a partner of BridgeClimb.
  13. All the terms and conditions above will need to be fulfilled prior to BridgeClimb honouring the price match guarantee.