Santa & his Elves plan their delivery route atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Have you ever wondered what Santa does whilst the Elves are busy building and wrapping toys for all the good boys and girls? He climbs to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge of course!

Santa and his head Elves climbed above the famous Sydney Harbour to a vantage point at the summit to begin planning his annual Christmas Eve delivery route.

As they took in the 360 degree view of Sydney and surrounds, the Elves fed Santa information on the names and hometowns of a few of the boys and girls who have been good this year.

Elf Alabaster Snowball, Elf Bushy Evergreen, Wunorse Openslae, and Elf Sugarplum Mary shared with Santa that Samantha from Bankstown, Chris from Bondi, Mel from Liverpool, and Matt from Mossman, to name a few, have all been exceptionally kind, helpful and hard-working this year.

Santa said from the summit, “There are millions and millions of boys and girls around the world who have been good this year. We want to be sure to get presents delivered to all of them, so we have to be clever and take the very best flight path.

“There’s no better view of Sydney and surrounds to help us plan our route than from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 134 metres above the beautiful harbour!”

Santa also let slip to the BridgeClimb team he would be back on Christmas Day to surprise some Climbers making their 1,332 step journey over the iconic arches, which has been his tradition for many years now.

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