The Sunset Sessions: your last chance for a twilight serenade

As winter comes to an end, so do our Sunset Sessions. After almost two months of weekend twilight serenades at the summit of the Bridge, BridgeClimb’s Sunset Sessions are wrapping up this weekend with performances from singer-songwriter Taryn La Fauci. Every Twilight Climb this Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th will enjoy a unique acoustic performance at the summit.

It’s been an incredible two months, with acoustic performances from 4 different artists at the summit of the Bridge. A Twilight Climb is always pretty special, but it was dialled up a notch as Climbers enjoyed a sunset serenade as they watched the sky transition from day to night. From unforgettable birthday celebrations to the most romantic proposals, we’ve had pretty spectacular moments during the Sunset Sessions. 

If you want to take part in this unique experience, don’t miss your last chance! Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th will be the last opportunity to enjoy The Sunset Sessions this season. All Twilight Climbs this weekend will enjoy a summit performance by Taryn La Fauci. Find out more about Taryn here or book your Sunset Sessions Climb here.