World First Taiko Performance at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Celebrate Japan’s Golden W

On 23rd April 2018, BridgeClimb hosted the world first Taiko drum performance atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in a heart-thumping celebration of two cultures in the lead up to Japan’s Golden Week.

Five Taiko drummers from the internationally acclaimed Taikoz Performance Group were joined by ten special guest Climbers for a 360 degree journey to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Taiko drum performers stood 134 metres above Sydney’s sparkling Harbour, with their drums in hand ready to present their special guests with a vibrant performance filled with explosive energy and the thunderous beat of their odaiko (Taiko Drum).

Have a look at the entrancing performance here:

World first Japanese Taiko performance on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an Australian icon and a symbol of cultural cohesion making it the perfect setting to celebrate unity between Australian and Japanese culture, all the while absorbing the Taikoz group’s exhilarating traditional performance.

Taikoz performer Ryuji Hamada said, “Taiko is the traditional Japanese art of ensemble drum playing, often seen at Japanese festivals and special events such as Golden Week celebrations, but you could not expect to see this at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!


“Taikoz has performed all around the world at some amazing locations, but performing with my team at the top of this Australian icon is something we will always remember”.

BridgeClimb hosts an array of one-off special events and limited edition climbs to celebrate international cultures. These have included a Japanese ‘high’ tea ceremony, a magnificent 15-metre long Dragon scaling the arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to celebrate Chinese New Year and a dance for Diwali, India’s festival of light.

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