Whether you are visiting Sydney for the holidays or just looking to do something different, climbing an Australian icon at Christmas time will definitely be a moment to remember. And, who knows, it may even become a new family tradition!

If you are still undecided, here’s 3 reasons why you should celebrate Christmas on the Bridge:

1. It will be a Christmas you will never forget

Neither do we. Christmas dinners tend to blend into one big family gathering. But what if you could do something that you’ll remember year after year? Standing at the top of the Bridge to celebrate the holidays is something you’ll treasure forever.

2. The whole family can join in

Kids from 8 years of age, and anyone who has a good level of health and fitness is welcome to challenge themselves to The Climb of Their Life – we’ve had Climbers up to 100 years old! So get the whole family together, from your little niece to your grandma, and celebrate with a view like no other!

3. You may get to meet Santa

Santa has been known to make an appearance on the Bridge at Christmas, so there’s a chance you could get to meet him this year too. The little ones will love getting a picture with Santa 134 metres above the sparkling harbour!

A Climb is also a great Christmas Gift idea for your loved ones - find out more about BridgeClimb Gift Certificates here