The Bridge Is Set To Star On New Year's Eve

On New Year’s Eve, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is very busy getting dressed to be THE star of the biggest, boldest and brightest party of the year. Whilst we think our BridgeSuits are pretty snazzy, the Bridge is after something a bit fancier with a ton of sparkle – 14 shipping containers worth of fireworks in fact - to really send off the past year in style and welcome 2016 with a bang!

So on the 31st December we pack away our things and take a few steps back to join the throngs of people from around the city, and from around the world, as this iconic and majestic structure really puts on a show.


Sydney is a place where the city and surf collide. From the emerald greens of The Domain, to the sparkling blues of the greatest natural harbour in the world, to the spectacular white of the Sydney Opera House contrasted against the steely grey of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – it’s a city of colour that we are lucky to be able to share with the world from dawn until dusk 364 days of the year. This is the inspiration for the 2016 theme and will be brought to light (get it?) by the City of Sydney in collaboration with Imagination Australia, and Romance Was Born and Province whom provided creative ideas and elements. Sydney is renowned for kicking off the global relay of New Year’s Eve celebrations and this year’s spectacle will surely not disappoint.


The festivities around the harbour kick-off from 6pm, although locals and visitors alike will start claiming their spot along the shore from much earlier that morning! The city is expecting up to one million viewers by the harbour, but with plenty of vantage spots to choose from (check out Sydney New Year’s Eve website for a thorough map), there is room for anyone who would like to see the showstopping display for themselves. And remember, leave the car at home and travel by public transport into for this special event. No one likes a traffic jam.

If you’re not in Sydney or prefer to enjoy the show from the comfort of your home, tune into the livestream on television or via the #SYDNYE app to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge illuminate with fireworks at 9pm and midnight.


We will be strapping on our sneakers and donning our BridgeSuits bright and early on 1st January 2016. Be sure to give us and all the Climbers on the Bridge a big wave when you see us – they’ll be starting the New Year with a huge bucket list tick!

Image Courtesy City of Sydney.