The Climb

The Climb

The Climb

The Climb takes you behind the scenes and opens a window into a day in the life at BridgeClimb.

In this mini-docuseries we get to know the Climb Leaders behind the infamous grey suits as well as the heart warming stories behind each Climbers’ journey to reach the Summit. From a surprise sunset proposal to a couple who work together against adversity to conquer the Climb.

Episode 1 - The Proposal

Climb Leader Jake is tasked with delivering the perfect proposal for local Bondi born Tom and his Kiwi girlfriend Alexi. Follow Jake as he takes Tom, Alexi and a group of their close family and friends on what they believe to be a Climb that Tom has won in a competition - little do they know the real reason that Tom has booked a romantic, Twilight Climb. 

Episode 2 - UP FOR The Challenge

Marco from Western Sydney has already experienced BridgeClimb and today he returns with girlfriend Krissy. Both have cerebral palsy so Climb Leader Ash has arranged a private Climb experience for the couple so they can take in the stunning scenery of Sydney Harbour together, 134 metres above sea level at their own pace.

The Climb Leaders

Jake Woodhead

Hailing from Western Sydney, Jake has been a Climb leader for a little over two years. His favourite part about working at BridgeClimb is being able to work outdoors and meet people from all over the world. When he isn’t climbing the arches, you’ll find Jake singing, acting and playing AFL.

Ash Millett

Ash has over 13 years’ experience at BridgeClimb and has met the likes of Cate Blanchett, Tony Hawk and Oprah as well as thousands of Climbers from all over the world. When Ash isn’t hanging with superstars you can find her doing arts and crafts, beekeeping and trail running through national parks.

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