Things to do in The Rocks

Things to do in The Rocks with Sydney's favourite pubs

Things to do in The Rocks with Sydney's favourite pubs

Check out the top tips of things to do in The Rocks from the General Managers of Sydney's top pubs 'The Glenmore' and 'The Australian'.

Check out the top tips of things to do in The Rocks from the General Managers of Sydney's top pubs 'The Glenmore' and 'The Australian'.

When thinking of iconic Australian pubs in The Rocks, two spring to mind; The Glenmore Hotel and The Australian Hotel. The Glenmore is famed for its rooftop bar with views of Sydney Harbour and the latter for its ‘Australian coat of arms’ pizza featuring both emu and kangaroo! Both hotels are much loved watering holes for both BridgeClimb staff and our climbers due to their friendly staff, wide selection of drinks and delicious local menus. We spoke to the General Managers at both venues Lincoln Baker (The Glenmore) and Hugh Gilroy (The Aussie) for a guided tour of their favourite local spots. 

What is your take on the must-do experience in Sydney?

Lincoln says... When chatting to visitors at both of the pubs in The Rocks I always recommend getting the ferry from Circular Quay across to Manly, not only do you get a great tour of the harbour by boat but can also explore all of Manly's beautiful beaches, my favourite being Shelly beach. It's part of Cabbage Tree Bay which is a protected marine reserve and with a maximum depth of approximately 12 metres, it's become popular with local scuba divers and snorkelers who enjoy swimming alongside a huge variety of marine life including blue gropers. Shelly Beach also has free electric barbecues, perfect for a picnic with friends.
Many is also a great place to explore shops, pubs or cafes and has an awesome buzz on a Saturday night.

Things to do in The Rocks - Manly

Hugh says...

My must-do experience in Sydney would be to explore the CBD by foot and begin your journey from Hyde Park, through to the Botanical Gardens and Sydney Harbour. There’s plenty to do and see along the walk, such as the iconic Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and views all around the city. Wrap yourself around Circular Quay, passing the Museum of Contemporary Art and then you’ll find yourself in the heart of The Rocks where you can finish off the day at one of the many bars and restaurants. Pop in The Aussie for a hello why don’t you!

What is something you recommend to visitors that they can’t miss out at the Aussie and Glenmore?

Lincoln & Hugh both say…

You can’t go past the ‘Coat of Arms’ pizza at the Aussie, it's an institution! The must try pizza is a tribute to the two iconic animals featured on the Australian passport, the Emu and Kangaroo and finished off with a drizzle of lemon myrtle mayo, a native ingredient to Australia. We also have over 130 Australian craft beers and offer the ‘Aussie Beer Passport’ which challenges you to taste your way through our complete craft beer selection.  Tick your beers off as you go and discover your favourite styles and flavours. Make sure you snag a spot outside, an ideal place for people watching too.

Watching the sunset from the Glenmore rooftop, must be seen to be believed, the pub has been an Aussie icon since 1921 and boasts stellar views of Sydney and a guaranteed good time vibe. Don’t miss out on a cheers with a delicious espresso martini and celebrate the city that is!

Things to do in The Rocks - Pizza

What is your favourite thing about The Rocks and why should people visit when in Sydney?

Lincoln says…

I love walking around and exploring the heritage and history of the area, even after working in the area for many years I always feel like I’m seeing things for the first time. The area has the best cafes to enjoy a morning coffee and the best pubs and microbreweries arguably in all of the city which makes it a great place to stroll around and enjoy a pub crawl with a group of friends. 

Things to do in The Rocks - The Rocks

Hugh says...

My favourite thing would be the old heritage feel where you can tell there would be stories dating back decades. You’ll also find some of Australia’s oldest pubs in The Rocks, and each bar or pub has a completely different feel. 

Things to do in The Rocks - Glenmore