UNSW Women in Engineering Aim High

BridgeClimb Sydney was delighted to recently host 100 aspiring engineers on the Climb of Their Lives as part of UNSW’s annual Women in Engineering (WIE) camp.

With a mission to expose the students to the variety of different career opportunities available in the world of engineering, the camp showcases a large number of aspects of engineering through numerous site visits and activities.

Following their Climb, we caught up with  Women in Engineering Manager at UNSW, Sarah Coull,  to find out more about their experience climbing the Bridge and why BridgeClimb was chosen as a key activity.
 University engineering climb
Why did you incorporate BridgeClimb into the annual Women in Engineering camp?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a phenomenal example of civil engineering at its best, and taking the girls to do the BridgeClimb is such a fun and exciting way to experience and marvel at the scope of it.

In the past, over 65% of girls who attended the WIE camp in Year 12 have gone on to enroll in engineering at UNSW. The BridgeClimb - along with the suite of site visits, workshops, projects and networking opportunities the camper’s experience - provides an incredibly tangible and positive experience of engineering to these young women in high school – and shares a real insight into the engineering profession. Our campers are the next future female engineers who could be solving world problems – and what a way to inspire them now and help them realise their potential!

What did the students think about their BridgeClimb experience?

Over the past six years that UNSW has run the Women in Engineering Camp, BridgeClimb has always been the highlight of the campers’ week – and it was no different this year! In our daily reflection survey 100% of the campers said that the highlight of their day was the BridgeClimb.

Here’s what some of the girls had to say about their recent Climb:

This is so cool, one of the most amazing engineering structures in the world and I’m climbing it. Being able to climb the Bridge really helped elevate the understanding of the Bridge.”
Jeanny Zheng

“How amazing it was to even be constructed, how beautiful the view was.”
Mia Dobell

“I can’t imagine what it was like to build this structure, climbing the beams would be super challenging but fun! I was also thinking of the train line and how it must have been a real different engineering project. Then I was also thinking about how beautiful the view is and trying to find all the places I knew and point them out. While also thinking of just how lucky I am to be standing at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at 18 on a WIEC!”
Clare Freeman

The view is amazing. I really loved seeing the city and the sea from such a high point. I also kept thinking about the work that went into the bridge and the dedication of the workers.”
Sara Maric

“How amazing the structure was and how it required so much material and time to build - it was amazing to see in detail how the bridge was built.”
Pamela Di Chiara

“I was a lot less scared than I thought I'd be and I was just in awe. To be climbing on such a remarkable engineering landmark was just amazing! And the view was beautiful!”
Kavinya Welikala

The work that UNSW undertakes in order to nurture, support and engage women in engineering is admirable and we’re delighted that BridgeClimb is incorporated as one of its annual activities, and has been for the past six years.  We wish each and every student the best in their engineering careers.


Name of event: UNSW Women in Engineering
Type: Activity as part of the UNSW Women in Engineering Camp
Product: BridgeClimb Express
Attendees:  100 PAX
Date: 17 January 2018

If you would like to learn more about UNSW’s Women in Engineering program visit their website here.

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