Warren & The Harbour Bridge: A Four Year Weight Loss Journey


Four years ago Warren weighed 370kg. After deciding “enough was enough” he set himself his first goal – to lose 150kg. Almost 2 years into his weight loss journey, Warren penned his first letter to BridgeClimb; a letter with another bold goal, which would spark the beginning of a lifelong relationship between Warren and BridgeClimb.

THEN: Warren’s First letter to BridgeClimb, September 2013

“I have always been big. I weighed 200kg at 16. At my largest I weighed 370kg+. The BridgeClimb is something I wanted to do to celebrate some weight loss.

100 weeks ago I decided that enough was enough. I started to modify my eating patterns. Then I started walking a little. My first walk was 300m and it took me 30 minutes. I kept working at this over weeks and months.  By April I had walked 1,000km in less than one year.

There is so much I have never done, including visiting the Opera House, going to the movies; so many things that are normal to most people.  I wanted to celebrate my weight loss spectacularly.  Then I had the idea to climb the Bridge to celebrate my 200kg weight loss.  We booked the Climb months before, and then the day came.  I don't like heights. I'm afraid of most things but I really wanted to climb the Bridge with my brother, sister in law and my partner in life of 30 years.  However, my partner could not join us as she had a spinal fusion 3 weeks prior. I decided that I would climb again to celebrate reaching my next goal with her.  

I have achieved this weight loss on my own. No surgery, no fad diets, pills or eating plans.  Just setting goals and achieving them.  The Bridge is the biggest and the best.  You guys [BridgeClimb] were supportive, patient and paced me well.  I will never forget the trepidation of starting, or the real sense of joy when I reached the top of the Bridge.  It was hard work in some tight spaces but I did it with your help.  I will always appreciate that more than you can ever know." 

Warren completed his sixth BridgeClimb today to mark the end of a new era. He has reduced his weight to 130kg on his own through monitoring his calorie intake.  Since his first letter to BridgeClimb, he has undergone surgery to remove 30kg of excess skin. He walks more 15km each day, and has signed himself up to compete in this years’ City to Surf, which he will do the day after his seventh Climb.

Each time Warren climbs he empowers someone to overcome their own adversity in life with his infectious “if I can do it, you can too” attitude.

“For the record, so many of my biggest decisions [in life] have been taken on the Bridge: the will to live, to lose weight, to achieve my goals, to change jobs, to have surgery, and to come out [gay]. And for the people who I have invited with me up on the Bridge to conquer their fears, to be normal, to achieve something before MS [Multiple Sclerosis] put her in a chair, and to battle depression.”

The Bridge holds a special place for me. It was the first ‘normal’ thing I did, and was the first thing I could do as the modified me.”

Congratulations Warren on all you have accomplished, including completing your sixth Climb. We look forward to being part of your healthy lifestyle, and hearing many more stories of empowerment endowed by your own journey.


If you have any queries about your ability to Climb, please read our Pre-Climb Checklist or get in touch with our team for advice.