Welcome to the BridgeClimb Onesie Hall of Fame

After over 18 years of climbing, the Climb is renowned for a few things. The view, the bucket list tick, the sense of achieving something awesome; these are all just some of the obvious famous facts associated with the experience.

Unexpectedly, the grey onesie – officially known as the BridgeSuit – is the look that people travel from all over the world to be part of. Well, that might be a bit of a stretch – but it is the outfit that famous faces like Heidi Klum, Tuula Vintage and Gigi Hadid, and 2.5 million others have donned to undertake the Climb of Their Life safely and comfortably!

Welcome to the BridgeSuit Hall Of Fame:

THE ORIGINAL, 1998-2000

Lift off! When we opened our doors to the public in 1998, people from Sydney and all around the world were eager to be one of the first to step foot onto the arches to climb the Bridge. Tickets were sold out and everyone lined up eagerly awaiting their departure onto the Australian icon – in this very fine BridgeSuit.

This climbing uniform, was part of the experience for the first two years and is remembered fondly for not only being the first of a sequence of famous onesies, but for its likeness to a space suit. Everyone was off on a first-of-its-kind expedition we suppose!

THE “STAR TREK”, 2000-2005

Beam us up! The same year that the Summer Olympics came to the Harbour city, we updated the BridgeSuit to the “Star Trek”. Although not official merchandise from the famous franchise, this climbing outfit earned this title anecdotally due to its very out-of-this-world look by both visitors and staff alike. The name stuck!

THE “NEW SUIT”, 2005

Although of the same steely hue as before, in 2005 we launched a completely new design of climbing attire. A departure from the previous space-inspired looks, this design incorporated dark grey stripes and a royal blue trim – how could we not be inspired by the beautiful harbour that surrounds us?

This smarter, and more streamline, design still attracted its own moniker – the Tellytubby – which stands ‘till today.


Satisfied with the comfort of the jumpsuit in both the warm summers and the cool winters, we decided there wasn’t much we could improve on the New Suit. However, a bit of a wardrobe refresh is good for anyone, so we decided to give our onesie a bit of a refresh! If you look closely, this design is the one you wear today and includes the blue stripe along the arms of everyone who chooses to make the journey onto the Bridge.


In January 2016, international male model of the year (and our friend), Derek Zoolander, took blue steel to the famous grey steel of Sydney as he ascended to the top of the arches. During his visit he was inspired to create his latest pose, “Koala” (modelled below), which was circulated around the world in the 24 hours after his visit.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can join the fashion parade of more than 3.5 million people who have donned the grey onesie to the top of the Bridge – head here.