The World First Tai Chi Class Finds Inner Peace Atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge

134 metres above the waking city Grand Master Gary Khor and Master Aaron Khor from the Australian Academy of Tai Chi and Qigong led a series of Tai Chi movements, for a world first Tai Chi Class atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Climbers safely ascended the famous ‘coat hanger’ in darkness and took position spaced along the Eastern Arch to watch the city slowly wake.

The event itself is a symbol of bringing people together, to celebrate multiculturalism through the Chinese Martial Art that serves as an important form of cultural exchange between nations.

Tai Chi instructors and students, and health and fitness social media influencers exercised their mind, body and breathe as they found their inner balance and stability in an intimate and unique location.

Grandmaster Khor said, “Tai Chi is a mind-body healing art which refreshes and energise your whole being. Tai Chi is a mindful moving meditation which relaxes your body, focus your mind, and lift your spirit. Just like this uplifting feeling on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on this beautiful morning.

“Tai Chi brings together people of all ages and all cultures to cultivate good health, fitness, relaxation and the ability to move through life skilfully. The tranquillity found at summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at dawn, provided a perfect and beautiful setting for our sequences”.

Loren Wattling who participated in the event said, “It was such a beautiful morning on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Very exciting to climb to the top and take in breathtaking views of the city and then so incredibly peaceful to be taken through some Tai Chi moves at the top”.

BridgeClimb was thrilled to host this multicultural health and fitness event, a further demonstration of their ongoing commitment to develop special events catering to all manner of interests, Sydney’s festivals and international markets.

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