What to wear and bring

You’re booked in and you’re counting down the days to the Climb of your life!

First things first, what do you wear on such an important day? Get ready for the big day by following our checklist below:


We equip you in all the outdoor gear you’ll need for your Climb based on the day’s weather conditions and our health & safety essentials. In addition to this, please:

  • Wear comfortable clothing on the day of your Climb in case you need to wear it under your suit for warmth.
  • Wear comfortable, enclosed rubber-soled shoes such as running, sport or hiking shoes. PVC and leather-soled shoes are not ideal. If there’s a chance it’ll rain while you’re climbing, we recommend bringing a change of shoes and socks so you can change into these after your Climb.
  • Bring your own glasses or sunglasses to wear on the day of your Climb. (No DVR – digital video recorder – glasses thank you.)


No loose objects, including cameras, phones or GoPros, can be carried by Climbers on the Bridge. You’re welcome to bring these personal items with you on the day of your Climb and store them in the secure lockers we provide you whilst you’re up on the Bridge. Our photographically-trained Climb Leaders will capture photos of you during your Climb. Each Climber receives one free group photo as part of the experience. Additional photos are available for pre-purchase with your booking, or from our Photographics Team after your Climb.

Get Ready Video
Pre-climb checklist
Pre-climb checklist