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Did you know that in 1936 the first Darrell Lea factory opened under the northern-most arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Pretty cool right. 

A 20-year lease was taken out at the bargain annual rent price of £752. 

Today, you will stand under these arches when checking-in for your BridgeClimb experience. You can also purchase Darrell Lea chockies from our special Darrell Lea cart within our gift shop to enjoy before, or after your Climb. 

A yummy tip: for special events throughout the year, BridgeClimbers may be surprised with a deliciously creamy chocolate treat courtesy of Darrell Lea upon check-in!

Darrell Lea is a proud Australian owned business, an innovator in their field, with sustainable practices and its people at its core. 

historical image of original Darrell Lea factory housed under the arches of the sydney harbour bridge