Darrell Lea

A Delicious Partnership

In 1936 the first Darrell Lea factory opened under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in the northern-most arch, right here on Cumberland Street in The Rocks. A 20-year lease was taken out with the annual rental price of £752. If you look closely when you arrive at BridgeClimb, you can still make out the faint lettering of the Darrell Lea name imprinting in on the front of the building. 

All these years later, extraordinary experiences are still being created under the very same arches, now home to the BridgeClimb base, where Climbers check-in for their Climb experience! Whether you're gearing up for your Climb, or purchasing a BridgeClimb hoodie, you will be doing so in the very same space as the Darrell Lea original factory!

While chocolate is no longer made under the arches, you can still purchase Darrell Lea chocolates from our special Darrell Lea cart within our gift shop to enjoy before, or after your Climb - a delicious way to top-off your Climb!

A yummy tip: for special events throughout the year, Climbers may be surprised with chocolatey treats courtesy of Darrell Lea!

Darrell Lea is a proud Australian owned business, an innovator in their field, with sustainable practices and its people at its core.

We love partnering with Darrell Lea to bring you the sweetest moments!

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