Mardi Gras Members Special Offer

Climb before the end of August for 15% off Day Climbs!

PSA: We're giving Sydney Mardi Gras members an exclusive 'FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS' offer

At BridgeClimb, we’re grateful to be custodians of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and want to play our part in bringing people together and celebrating our differences. That's why we are thrilled to partner with Mardi Gras and provide its members with an exclusive 'Friends with Benefits' special offer. 

BridgeClimb Sydney is an iconic Australian experience that takes you on a journey to the top of the nation’s most famous and celebrated structure – the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

As you ascend to the Summit of the world’s largest steel arch, you’ll experience breathtaking moments, spectacular 360-degree views, and fascinating facts from our expert Climb Leaders into the engineering and cultural history of this world-famous icon, while keeping you safe and entertained along the way.

With every day on the Bridge unique, and each Climb a new exhilarating adventure, everyone will take something different from this unforgettable experience.


Offer valid for all  Day Climbs from 1 - 31 August 2023



Choose from one of the following Climb routes available during the Day:

Experience the breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of Sydney whilst scaling the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge on BridgeClimb’s original Climb experience. Feel on top of the world while you journey along the upper arch to the peak of an Australian icon, soaking in the uninterrupted views across the Harbour and City skyline.

Step-by-step you’ll journey along the lower arch, through the heart of the Bridge, before bursting through to the Summit. Surrounded by beams of steel and the hustle and bustle of the traffic below, you’ll truly appreciate the Bridge’s beauty, as well as the breathtaking views that surround you.

Immerse yourself in Sydney’s Aboriginal history and unbeatable 360-degree views, as our Indigenous Storyteller takes you on a journey to the top of the Bridge. This unique Climb experience offers an unrivalled view of the Indigenous landmarks around Sydney Harbour, while hearing the stories of First Nations people.

Going where no Climb has gone before, the Ultimate Climb is the most adventurous Climb experience in BridgeClimb’s history. The first of its kind allowing climbers to conquer the entire breadth of the legendary “Coat hanger” from South to North, and back again.

fun facts

  • The fabulous Courtney Act joined us at the Summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to sing live in a world-first drag performance. There was glitter, singing, dancing and even a surprise proposal! 
  • BridgeClimb hosted the world’s first same-sex wedding at the Summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2018. Warren and Pauly ascended the arches before dawn to tie the knot 134 metres above the sparkling harbour, surrounded by their friends and family.

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  • Offer is valid for Day Climbs only between 1 and 31 August 2023
  • This is an exclusive offer for SGLMG Members with Climbers to provide proof of membership when checking in for their Climb
  • This offer does not apply to our Gift Voucher range
  • The offer is not valid in combination with any other BridgeClimb discount 
  • In order to receive the discount the BridgeClimb booking needs to be made online via the BOOK NOW button with the promo code MARDIGRAS15 to be manually entered at check-out