You’re late for a very important date …. April Fool’s Day!

It appeared to be any other Sydney day when our Climbers checked in for the Climb Of Their Life below the Sydney Harbour Bridge today. They were checking in on time, but had they checked the time?

They were late! Gasp!

For a very important date!

No time for the white rabbit to say hello or goodbye when she found them at the top of the steely stairs – one by one they followed her up, up, up, to the summit of the Bridge. With not a minute to spare, they arrived at the apex to Sydney’s most photographed structure to a high tea party and the silliest guests of all. A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!


Here at BridgeClimb, we believe that any day can appear ordinary, but actually be full of the extraordinary. Thank you to all of our Climbers who participated in our special event.

Happy April’s Fool’s!