BridgeClimb Supports The First Nations Voice to Parliament

BridgeClimb Supports The First Nations Voice to Parliament

BridgeClimb Supports The First Nations Voice to Parliament

BridgeClimb's Commitment to the First Nations Voice in Australia: A Step Towards True Equality

15 August 2023

At BridgeClimb, we humbly stand on the lands of the Gadigal peoples, acutely aware of our responsibility as a leader in Australian tourism and our dedication to fostering reconciliation in our nation. This year, we took a significant stride towards the goal of reconciliation by launching our first Reconciliation Action Plan, a testament to our commitment to work alongside Reconciliation Australia in achieving true equality in Australian society.

However, it is fair to say BridgeClimb is still at the start of our journey of understanding and reconciliation. It is a journey we have loved and has included the creation of the incredible Burrawa Climb experience which was created in conjunction with Wesley Enoch and is guided by First Nations storytellers. The Burrawa Climb has helped to educate, not only our team, but also our Burrawa guests. 

As part of our role in advocating for reconciliation and in consultation with our incredible First Nations Advisory Group, we have considered our response to the call for the establishment of a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Australian Constitution. At BridgeClimb, we wholeheartedly support the YES vote for the forthcoming referendum, seeing this as a crucial moment in history, an opportunity for a ‘movement of the Australian people for a better future.’ and a significant step in true reconciliation.

The First Nations Voice is an initiative that can provide the First Nations peoples of Australia with a platform to help shape policies and legal decisions that significantly impact their lives. With First Nations peoples comprising less than 4% of the population, it is challenging for their voices to be adequately heard in matters that concern them. This step will grant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the influence and representation they rightly deserve.

At BridgeClimb, we firmly believe that The Voice will help bridge the gap that still exists between First Nations people and Non-Indigenous Australians in crucial areas such as life expectancy, educational outcomes, and employment. This positive outcome from the referendum can be a catalyst for driving fairness, inclusiveness, and equitable outcomes and representation for all Australians.

In supporting The Voice, we acknowledge that there might be differing opinions within both the BridgeClimb community and the broader public. We respect those who may not share our views and encourage open dialogue and understanding.

We urge all Australians to respectfully engage in the conversation, research the issue using reputable sources  and participate in the upcoming referendum. Together, we can take a significant step towards a more inclusive, equal, and just Australia, where the voices of all its people, past and present, are heard and respected.

To learn more about The Voice and its importance, see resources below.

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