Introducing Our Sunset Sessions: Sweet Sounds At The Summit This July

This July, we welcome the Sunset Sessions: every Twilight Climb on a Sunday will include a Barbershop Quartet serenading you as the sun makes its descent in the distant Sydney sky.

Included in the standard price of a Twilight Climb, this special recital will only further enhance the natural beauty of twilight during winter in our city. We equip you in all the gear you’ll need to keep snug and warm whilst the view warms your heart; including fleeces, beanies and gloves.

Not only will climbing at this time of year see you departing earlier (to match the sun’s earlier bedtime), science is also on your side as winter boasts some of the most beautiful twilights. Because the air is crisp and clear at this time of year, it enables more light to enter and travel through the atmosphere to create more vibrant hues above us just before the sun dips below the horizon.


If you’ve been thinking of climbing at twilight, The Sunset Sessions are a unique way to enjoy a memorable time at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with us. This experience in only available at twilight on Sundays in this July: that’s the 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st only.

Alternatively, if you would like assistance from our team to plan and book your Climb, please get in touch with them here.