Reclaim Your Sunday

Smonday”. A term coined to describe the point in time when your Sunday gradually morphs into your Monday. It’s a horrible feeling.

Many of us fill our last hours of Sunday, our precious weekend, with life admin tasks. We find ourselves making lunches, grocery shopping, putting away the washing, and paying bills. If we allocate such tasks to our Sunday afternoon, we effectively speed up the “Smonday” process and can lose up to 25% of our weekend as a result.

Why not see out your weekend in a more memorable fashion? Why not do something that really celebrates your weekend, places you in positive spirits to tackle the looming work week?

Our Sunset Sessions may be the answer

Each Sunday in July, we are treating our Twilight Climbers with a special Barbershop Quartet performance at the summit. Why not join us? You will be entertained with harmonic tunes as the sun descends over Sydney, revelling in the thought that you have reclaimed your Sunday from life admin and really celebrated your free time to the fullest.

Come and join us atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge for The Sunset Sessions this July.

Climb Facts:

• Available on BridgeClimb or BridgeClimb Express on 3, 10, 17, 24 or 31 July 2016 at twilight.
• This experience includes an unforgettable Barbershop Quartet performance at the summit.
• We will equip you in all the gear you need to climb the Bridge based on the day’s weather conditions – including fleeces, beanies and gloves!