Summer in Sydney

Things to do in Sydney this Summer

Sydney is an international city renowned for its beautiful harbourside and eastern coastline that’s home to stretches of sand, you just can’t get anywhere else. Sun-spoiled almost 365 days a year, you can definitely expect no better city does summer better. Here’s our local guide on the best spots to get the most of Sydney’s sun, surf and city. #SydneySummer

Climb for the best views of Sydney

First things first, a climb over the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one that will seriously take your breath away (just ask us 😉).

There’s really nowhere else in the city where you can witness Sydney in its glory spanning from the Blue Mountains to the Eastern Pacific Ocean. At 440 ft above sea level, watch Sydney’s skyline and the harbour below put on a show that only gets more spectacular as you ascend the arch to the summit. 

Paddleboard in Rose Bay beach

Rose Bay Beach is a quaint local beach and the backyard of some lucky homes that line it with views overlooking the water. Rent out a paddleboard here and start exploring. The best time to go is before the city wakes up, where it’ll seem like the entire bay is yours.

Dog lovers will have a field day, as the local pups around here also make this beach their water playground.

Take a dip at Icebergs’ Pools

Icebergs is nestled off the southern end of Bondi Beach and this slice of heaven is highly popular amongst locals and visitors. Don’t worry the place won’t melt (contrary to its name) when summer turns up the heat, but you just might sizzle so we recommend you “Slip, Slop, Slap” here before you jump in for a well-deserved dip.

Do as the locals do, take a coffee and the scenic route via the Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk to find Icebergs. 

Retreat at Slim’s Rooftop

Perched on top of Hyde Park House, Slim’s is a lush oasis away from the bustle of William Street below, offering skyline city views. B-line for one of Slim’s special cocktails and grab a spot under a brightly-pink umbrella on an easy afternoon. This place can get lively, so be sure to get in early.

Surf’s up at Freshwater Beach

Freshwater Beach otherwise known as ‘Freshies’ is hailed as the birthplace of Aussie surfing.  Hardly a surprise since this beach is snugged between headland at each end meaning it produces some very excellent surf. Why not take up a surf class with a local at this sweet haven to learn how to ride those waves?