We’ve got the (disco) fever! Recently, the cast of Saturday Night Fever took a night off and joined us for an exclusive performance on our Vivid dancefloor at the summit of the Bridge!

We were so excited by the performance we thought we’d travel back to the 70’s for a funky flashback at the most popular dance moves from the disco era.

Here’s a few of our favourite dance crazes to give you some inspiration for when you when you hit the dancefloor on our Vivid Climb!

The Hustle

In 1975, American artist Van McCoy released the popular disco song “Do The Hustle!”. The dance move, of the same name, took its roots from mambo and swing dancing. The hit song and dance was so big that ‘the hustle’ became a part of most 70’s disco-style dances. Everyone around America started doing ‘the hustle’ and there were even different types of the hustle you could do. The most famous version was for couples which featured in the original cult classic film Saturday Night Fever.


Now, you don’t have to be a child of the 70’s to know this famous dance move. The Village People’s iconic hit song is still loved by many people today. Most likely because it’s so easy, as all you have to do is move your hands to shape the letters, Y, M, C, A when you hear them in the catchy tune. Get ready, as you’ll most likely hear it on our Vivid Climb dancefloor!

Here's a flashback to when the Village People sang Y.M.C.A on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge back in 2015.

The Sprinkler

Another popular move where no fancy footwork is required is The Sprinkler, which originated in the late disco era in Australia. The dance which imitates a garden sprinkler involves placing one hand behind your head while holding the other arm out straight and moving it back and forth while you spin in a circle. The Sprinkler went viral again in the 2000’s when the English cricket team performed it after winning the Ashes series.

The Disco Finger

There’s no other dance move that says disco like the disco finger! This move could almost come naturally if you throw on some Bee Gees’ - Stayin’ Alive and start moving your hips to the beat, the arm and pointed finger will follow. John Travolta eat your heart out!

Experience the breathtaking 360-degree views of Sydney and bust a move to your favourite tunes on an illuminated dance floor perched 134 metres above the Harbour, on our unforgettable Vivid Climb.

Book today your spot on the Vivid Climb dancefloor! See you at the summit!


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